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Indianapolis Premises Liability Lawyer

Indianapolis Premises Liability Lawyer

Click to learn Indianapolis’ laws regarding premises liability. Contact Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys for a free consultation and get assistance from an Indianapolis premises liability lawyer.

A property owner is required to manage the upkeep and safety of their real estate. When a third party enters and becomes injured, they are legally allowed to file a premises liability claim. There are many ways to go about a premises liability lawsuit depending on the nature of the accident. However, victims should seek assistance from premises liability attorneys as they can determine the probability of winning the claim and work to ensure that victims receive fair compensation. The trusted legal team at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana, can help hold property owners responsible for damage and injuries caused to victims.

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How to Recover Compensation from a Property Owner

A victim should hold a property owner responsible for an accident by employing Indianapolis premises liability lawyers. They can help retrieve compensation for the following costs:

  • Medical expenses from treatment or rehabilitation

  • Lost wages or future lost income

  • Emotional pain and suffering

  • Punitive damage (in some rare cases)

When filing a claim, victims can expect to depend on homeowner's insurance, for residential land, or commercial liability insurance, for commercial property.

Premises liability cases can be a complex fight for reimbursement. An attorney can help victims recover from the accident fairly. However, Indiana law explains that if accident victims are more than 50 percent at fault, then they cannot recover any compensation. Additionally, an insurance company may fight premises liability claims, stating that the victim willingly entered someone else's property.

An Indianapolis premises liability attorney can help victims get the maximum compensation they deserve while recovering from the incident.

Who Can Receive Compensation from a Premises Liability Claim?

The victim's status directly influences the outcome of a premises liability matter. Three main types of visitors enter property owned by a third party: invitee, licensee, and trespasser.

An invitee is someone welcomed onto the property. There are three sub-categories of invitees, including public, business, and social guests.

Public invitees are people on property open to the public, such as a park or roads. Business invitees are visitors to the premises who advance the economic benefit of the owner. This includes places such as stores. Finally, social guests are invited to the property at the behest of a host for things such as parties, for example.

A licensee is a visitor on grounds where it is convenient for them. An example of this would be parking lots that offer free admittance.

Trespassers are a difficult undertaking with premises liability accidents. It can be hard to hold proprietors responsible for dangerous conditions when they were not expecting visitors on their private property. However, it is still essential to maintain a safe environment.

Owners may not intentionally make their grounds dangerous. In a premises liability accident wherein a trespasser is deliberately harmed, the owner could be held legally responsible for medical bills and possibly more.


Overall, these complex claims often get determined by the age of the trespasser. Children often undergo looser regulations than older and more aware visitors. Therefore, an attorney is essential to get the best compensation in a premises liability case.

How to Avoid Premises Liability Accidents

Swimming pool accidents, a case involving a slip and fall, and other dangerous conditions may be preventable. Understanding certain warning signs can allow property visitors to take precautions and avoid safety hazards that could lead to legal action.


When entering a property, be aware of potential dangers and unsafe conditions. Look for signage that displays warnings and watch the ground to avoid a slip and fall accident.

Nevertheless, when there are hidden dangers, property owners should take responsibility for accidents. It is unreasonable to ask visitors to always be on high alert for danger. It could come from anywhere.

If a premises liability accident occurs, the injured party should seek medical attention if necessary and contact an experienced lawyer from Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys.

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Types of Premises Liability Claims

Indiana premises liability law is a complex system. Without the proper experience and knowledge, a victim may not reap the most benefits of their claim.

As such, the premises liability lawyers of Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can help manage cases based on their nature.


There are different types of claims, which may require unique approaches. If a victim is involved in any of the following situations on third-party grounds, they may be subject to financial compensation.

Hazardous Conditions

Property owners must ensure that their buildings are up to code and do not pose any safety threats. The most common type of premises liability claim stems from a slip and fall.

Hazards, including inadequate lighting, unsafe walkways, and icy conditions, can lead to victims needing premises liability attorneys.

Additionally, negligent property owners should be held liable if a victim is struck by falling objects. This is more common in construction sites but still leads to serious injury on other premises.


Premises liability cases can also arise from improper machinery, such as elevators and escalators, playground equipment, and amusement park rides. When the mechanisms fail to uphold safety precautions, victims can file a claim.

Failed Security or Animal Attacks

Negligent security is another reason people contact an Indianapolis premises liability lawyer. Property owners become at fault in a liability claim when they fail to preserve safety. If a robbery or assault happens in a hotel, for example, the owner could be held accountable for the incident.


Premises liability also matters when there is a failure to secure animals. Dog bites and animal attacks can happen when not properly retained or unsuccessfully following local regulations. As such, a victim can file a premises liability claim against the owner.

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The combined legal experience of a law firm can help premises liability accident victims receive the compensation they deserve. There are many hazards that visitors could succumb to but should not have to pay for. A person's property should always be up to code and maintain safe conditions for all visitors.

An Indianapolis premises liability lawyer can establish negligence and handle claims so that victims can recover from the accident properly.


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