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What Are the Different Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana? | All You Need to Know

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the US, and while most riders take precautions to stay safe on the road, accidents can still happen. According to the Indiana Traffic Safety Facts, 55% of motorcycle crashes in the state involved multiple vehicles.

Many motorcycle accidents occur due to other drivers' actions. A passenger vehicle can cause a motorcycle crash due to failure to yield the right-of-way, speeding, or reckless driving. In these cases, the other driver is often at fault and can be held liable in a personal injury claim.

However, the motorcycle rider could be at-fault too. Distracted drivers pose a risk to themselves and everyone around them, especially on single-track roads. Improperly passing a passenger car can also cause a motorcycle accident.

The Four Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

The Four Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycling is a thrilling experience that offers riders a sense of freedom and adventure. Sadly, motorcycle accidents happen more often than they should and can be incredibly dangerous, even deadly.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 24 times more likely to die in road crashes than car passengers. Bikers are more vulnerable to injury due to the lack of protection. The causes of such crashes can vary widely, from environmental factors to human error.

However, the four most common causes of motorcycle accidents every rider should know and be aware of include the following:

  1. Distracted Driving

Negligent drivers pose a significant risk to motorcycle riders. Distracted driving is a leading cause of all motor vehicle accidents, but it's particularly dangerous for motorcyclists.

Automobilists texting, talking on their phone, eating, or engaging in other behaviors are less likely to notice a biker on the road. This can result in a car turning into the path of a motorcycle and rear-ending it, causing serious injuries or fatalities to the rider.

  1. Failing to Yield the Right-of-Way

Motorcycle crashes happen due to other drivers not yielding right-of-way. This can happen when a passenger car fails to notice a motorcycle at a stop sign or when a vehicle makes a left turn in front of a bike.

It's important for motorcycle riders to always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings, especially at intersections, where motorcycle fatalities are the highest.

  1. Losing Control

Riders can lose control of their motorcycle due to a variety of factors. These can include uneven pavement surfaces, debris on the road, potholes, or snow.

Poor visibility due to weather conditions and dim street lighting can also lead to motorcycle crashes. It's important for riders to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and stay alert for potential hazards on the road.

  1. Speeding

Many motorcycle crashes happen because the rider is speeding or driving recklessly. Some bikers get an adrenaline rush from speeding, but it also decreases their reaction time, making it challenging to handle unexpected situations on the road.

Wearing appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, can reduce the severity of injuries in motorcycle accident cases. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also answer questions such as, "Can you get PTSD from a motorcycle accident in Indiana?"

When Are Motorcycle Riders At-fault for Fatal Accidents?

Many factors can contribute to a motorcycle accident, and determining who is at fault is complex. The other driver involved in the motorcycle crash is often found liable. However, there are instances where the motorcycle rider could also be at fault for the unfortunate incident:

  • The rider was trailing too closely.

  • Traffic cameras found evidence of speeding and reckless driving.

  • The motorcyclist passed other cars without indicating lane changes.

Generally, the rider's family can file a wrongful death lawsuit if a passenger car caused a fatal accident. This suit seeks compensation for funeral expenses, general and special damages, and income-earning capacity.

However, the other driver's insurance company can also dispute the claim if the motorcyclist is found partly liable for the crash.

Approximately 138 motorcyclists died in road accidents in Indiana in 2020. It is essential for motorcycle riders to understand their obligations on the road.

In addition to following traffic laws and practicing defensive driving, riders should take extra precautions to protect themselves and others. This can include wearing appropriate safety gear, maintaining a safe speed, and avoiding distractions.

Seeking Help from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Seeking Help from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Personal injury law (or tort law) is a legal term for cases that cause direct physical and mental harm to a person. Victims of motorcycle accidents in Indiana can file personal injury claims under this statute as well.

Many states throughout the country require motorists to carry insurance for property damage and personal injury. Motorcycle accidents in Indiana are no different.

In many motorcycle accident cases, the insurance company is involved in assessing liability. If the injured party files a claim that includes medical expenses and lost wages, the insurer representing the negligent driver may be required to pay a settlement.

However, these cases can be complex and require a thorough investigation of the accident scene, evidence, and eyewitness accounts. It is important for plaintiffs to work with experienced motorcycle accident lawyers who understand the unique complexities of motorcycle crash lawsuits.

A motorcycle accident lawyer has the experience and knowledge to guide victims through the legal process and help them get the compensation they deserve.

Final Words

Motorcycles offer a unique experience to riders, allowing them to feel the freedom and exhilaration of the open road. Though riding bikes can be enjoyable for many, it also comes with risks.

Bikers are at a higher risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the event of a crash, so it's vital for them to understand the legal options available afterward.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include vehicles making left-hand turns, bikers losing control, negligent driving, and speeding. Victims of motorcycle accidents should seek immediate medical attention and contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can help answer questions like, "What time of day do most motorcycle accidents happen in Indiana?"

With the help of the experienced professionals at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, victims can focus on their recovery while the firm handles the legal aspects of their case. Chanting "We Go to War for You," the legal practitioners at this firm have a track record of success in representing motorcycle riders in personal injury cases.


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